Tuesday, 5 February 2019

3 Great Low-Maintenance Flooring Options

If you don't need to fuss with maintaining a floor after you install it, you're not alone. Flooring products which require little to no upkeep are ongoing to arrive on the current market, and they are quite popular. Here are 3 low-maintenance flooring choices you'll find at Sand & Seal:

Stain Resistant Carpet

Carpet occasionally has a reputation for being high maintenance, but that all depends on the product that you select. If you opt for an easy-to-clean layout with added stain resistance, carpeting can actually be relatively low maintenance. Steer towards nylon carpets in low-pile fashions, such as saxony or Berber. You might even go the extra space by selecting a rug with patterns which can conceal minor stains and grime build-up.

 Luxury Vinyl Planks or Tiles

 Would you enjoy wood flooring but worry about scratches and dents? If so, luxury vinyl planks and tiles are the perfect low-maintenance solution for you. They can be created to look like stone or wood, but without the hefty price tag or the tedious upkeep. Vinyl does not get scratched easily and can be a fast clean with a mild vacuum or sweep. Additionally, vinyl demands no sanding or sanding to stay looking attractive.


If you'd like another economical choice to luxury vinyl, laminate is a fantastic choice. Though it might not have exactly the exact same level of moisture resistance, laminate flooring can realistically mimic hardwood at a much lower price. Many high quality laminate products are designed for scratch resistance, so that they can resist high traffic when requiring minimal cleaning and maintenance.

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