Friday, 13 September 2019


How to make a room look larger? When furnishing a home, many people have faced the situation where you had no idea how to approach modest rooms, which are very tricky to arrange and often not actually well laid out. Thus, we decided to write a post discussing that.

We'd like to offer some advice to people who have faced such problems, suggesting them some ways they can arrange rooms with very little floor space to make them seem bigger and less cluttered.

Firstly, you Want a Fantastic plan

Anytime you can, you need to open the space, by removing unnecessary walls! What we mean is over all the living room, kitchen plus also a long narrow corridor. If, rather than having a very small kitchen, we will create a kitchenette connected with a living room -- the space will seem much bigger as a whole, and if the dining and kitchen spaces are well-designed, you will not lose anything.

There's something you need to keep in mind -- the kitchen area must be trendy, as in this situation it'll be a guest room.

The same applies to door, it's well worth getting rid of them and if there's an entrance to the living room or the kitchen, then you might also tear down the lintel, which will make the door bigger, and that, consequently, allows more light to the room.


If your room is quite high, as sometimes is the case with apartments in tenement houses, it's a fantastic idea to create a mezzanine with a mattress, and layout some wardrobes or a working area beneath.

Secondly, lighting

A nicely designed electrical wiring is a fundamental thing in all interiors, and amplified lighting is
even more significant in small rooms. Interesting led light installed in lower rims of wardrobes or in a dropped ceiling will draw the attention of the visitors and divert it from the simple fact that the chambers are depressingly tiny.

Light colors and mirrors

It's common knowledge that mild colors make rooms seem larger, and dark colours -- render them seem smaller, therefore when choosing colour for your walls, go for various colors of white, beige and pale hues. When it comes to vivid colours, they'll be perfect for accessories and furniture.

Light flooring will make our floor seem larger. As far as skirting boards are concerned -- white and simple ones will add them lightness.

Mirrors will create tiny spaces seem more spacious. You can use either traditional hanging framed mirrors, ones leaning against a wall, mirrors incorporated into apparel fronts, or intriguing collages composed of several smaller mirrors.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019


Here are some of the most Frequent questions we have regarding oil finished trends:

  • Is oil finish as durable as conventional factory urethane ends with aluminum oxide?
  • Can this finish evaporate over time and will this be harmful to indoor air quality?
  • Does this type of complete require additional maintenance that I am not familiar with?

When it comes to durability, oil complete flooring tackles the issue with a completely different method. The penetrating oil serves as protection against moisture and wears while enabling the user to feel that the wood grains in their bare feet. If compared directly to factory finished aluminum oxide finish, the petroleum finish flooring will not perform as well to abrasion and impact. On the other hand, the best thing about this finish is the fact that it will camouflage any scratches which will inevitably accumulate over time.

Another concern for oil finished flooring its effect on indoor air quality. For on-site applications, some types suggest several coats that typically require the occupants to be out of the home due to mild odors. But, there is factory finished UV-cured or single coat software which lessen the downtime. Regardless of the odors produced during the drying procedure, oil finish flooring rank amongst the lowest for VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. Particular brands even boast true zero VOC. This fact alone makes oil completed flooring among the greatest options for green building alternatives.

The traditional European procedures of wax oil and natural oiled floors demand a thin final coat of oil

For weekly cleanup, oiled floors use a particular cleaner which contains an oil and soap mixture. Following a period of 12-18 months, some oil may evaporate causing the timber grains to appear dry. An additional layer of petroleum can be reapplied to keep the floor looking clean. Although oil finished floors require more involvement in periodic upkeep in high traffic areas, this maintenance can be done much simpler than the equivalent of an onsite sand and refinish.
to be implemented after the floor is installed. To hasten the process, some oil complete produces have started adding UV light treated oil finish flooring to their lineup. Similar to mill finished urethane floors, the UV lighting creates fast drying top coat layer from oiled floors making UV-oiled flooring prepared to use when installed.

Hopefully, this guide can offer some insight concerning the durability, sustainability, and maintenance of petroleum finished hardwood floors. With a growing amount of oil finished floors used in new houses and commercial applications, maybe you will consider this to your next flooring project. Check out some additional photographs of oil finished floors accepted by Sand & Seal Gallery.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

3 Great Low-Maintenance Flooring Options

If you don't need to fuss with maintaining a floor after you install it, you're not alone. Flooring products which require little to no upkeep are ongoing to arrive on the current market, and they are quite popular. Here are 3 low-maintenance flooring choices you'll find at Sand & Seal:

Stain Resistant Carpet

Carpet occasionally has a reputation for being high maintenance, but that all depends on the product that you select. If you opt for an easy-to-clean layout with added stain resistance, carpeting can actually be relatively low maintenance. Steer towards nylon carpets in low-pile fashions, such as saxony or Berber. You might even go the extra space by selecting a rug with patterns which can conceal minor stains and grime build-up.

 Luxury Vinyl Planks or Tiles

 Would you enjoy wood flooring but worry about scratches and dents? If so, luxury vinyl planks and tiles are the perfect low-maintenance solution for you. They can be created to look like stone or wood, but without the hefty price tag or the tedious upkeep. Vinyl does not get scratched easily and can be a fast clean with a mild vacuum or sweep. Additionally, vinyl demands no sanding or sanding to stay looking attractive.


If you'd like another economical choice to luxury vinyl, laminate is a fantastic choice. Though it might not have exactly the exact same level of moisture resistance, laminate flooring can realistically mimic hardwood at a much lower price. Many high quality laminate products are designed for scratch resistance, so that they can resist high traffic when requiring minimal cleaning and maintenance.

If you need help refinishing and sanding wood floors for your home, give us a call! Sand & Seal offers free quote .

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Protecting Your Wood Floors during the Holidays

Now that the holidays are here again, you might be so busy you're not considering your floors. However, your hardwood flooring need to be well-protected during this time of year as far as any other. Here are a few worthwhile tips for how to do that in all of the noise, action, and fun.

Use Door Mats

Depending on how many entrances your home has, you might have to get more door mats during your holiday errands. Door mats offer a handy place for visitors to wipe off their shoes before they come indoors. The moist ground outside can be monitored indoors, and you don't want moisture from fallen leaves or puddles of mud for in your beautiful hardwood flooring. Do not forget to set door mats onto the inside of the doors, also.

 Use Area Rugs

Next, look at putting area rugs over wider stretches of timber flooring. These rugs, plus runners, can offer a useful foot route from front door to your own kitchen, and out of the kitchen into the dining space, particularly if the two rooms are supplied with hardwood that you want to protect during the hectic holiday season.

Take Shoes Off

Have all your guests and family members take their shoes off before they come indoors. Putting another dark-colored area rug close to the front door may be helpful in this case, or you may try using plastic mats from the front door to attain the identical purpose.

Clean Often

It can be hard to remember to clean as a holiday celebration is in progress. But you never know when food or beverage will spill. The moment a spill occurs, try to be on the place to clean this up before anything liquids could seep into the hardwood floors.

Watch the Tree

One last bit of advice is to keep a watch out for the Christmas tree. In case you've got a live tree, then
you need to water it so that it doesn't dry out and become a fire hazard. Consider employing a waterproof tree skirt which could gather any water and keep it away from your flooring.

Clean Often

It can be tough to recall to wash as a holiday party is in advance. But you will never know if food or drink will spill. The moment a spill occurs, try to be on the place to clean this up before anything liquids could seep into the wood floors.

Watch the Tree

1 final bit of advice is to keep a watch out for the Christmas tree. Look at employing a waterproof tree skirt that could gather any water and keep it away from your flooring.

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